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ARAI Vector Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet ALUMINUM SILVER XL

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Arai’s newest street helmet, the Vector is the successor to the Astral-X. Not to worry; it picks up where the Astral left off while adding another dimension to the Arai collection.Not every rider wants – or needs – all the bells and whistles. Still, preferring a minimalistic style shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. The Vector’s less is more design is skillfully paired with advanced engineering based on the demanding, rigorous Arai standards.Functionality plays a huge role in the Vector, as well. Each Arai has to look good, but, more importantly, it has to work. The result of years of talent, passion, and handcrafting is an organic shell shape, wind-slicing aerodynamics, a lower center of gravity, incredible balance, and a light weight. Top that off with comfort and fit like no other, and you’ve got yourself a Vector.Arai doesn’t just build helmets. They build Arai helmets. Features and Benefits Shape Intermediate-oval fit Shell Hand-formed, organic shell shape conforms closely to the human-head shape, looking better and flowing better in the wind Complex Laminiate Construction (CLC) with proprietary aerospace technology Strong, flexible shell is lightweight to reduce rider fatigue Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band at bottom of shell for added strength and lower center of gravity Fiberglass-based design allows for excellent spreading and dissipation of impact energy throughout the structure One-piece EPS liner comprised of several material densities molded into a single unit Direct-fused contact areas between every EPS cell ensures outstanding energy tranference and absorption EPS liner molds to your head shape within a few days, minimizing hot spots Liner’s soft, comfortable fit facilitates the use of the smallest, truest helmet size possible Ventilation Flow-through system for exceptional cooling Hot, stale air is pulled, rather than pushed, out of the helmet Oversized ventilation-vent system with 1 intake and 3 exhaust vents Larger, easier-to-operate vent controls accommodate gloved hands Each vent features a three-position setting for excellent airflow control Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System provides cooling air to the upper face area without making holes in the shell’s critical forehead area or in the impact-absorbing liner material Interior New cheekpad design allows pads to be removed and cleaned even more easily than before Simpler, more user-friendly styling Fit can be customized with various padding sizes (sold separately) Faceshield Exclusive brow-vent design brings fresh air in through shield, directing it to the forehead area To clear fogging, De-Mist Lock faceshield tab pushes forward to open the shield slightly Tool-free LRS shield-removal system for easy faceshield swapping Side pods elegantly conceal the shell’s integrity-maintaining 3D curvature beneath the shield’s pivot points Specifications Certifications: DOT; Snell Interior Shapes guide Unless other

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