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ARAI 2010 RX-Q Urban Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet LG

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Arai continues to prove that their helmets are perfect for the street rider who demands more. Designed with the street rider in mind, the RX-Q was crafted around more traditional upright riding positions, ranging from sport-touring, spirited sportbike to just cruising around. The familiar Arai 2-In/2-Out upper vent set-up, with new vent design, improves already impressive performance without the need of more holes.Features and Benefits Larger upper vent tabs make operating these vents, even with thick winter gloves, much easier than before The newly designed Hyper-Ridge around the bottom of the shell enhances shell strength in addition to providing a larger bottom opening- making it much easier to put the helmet on and take off- all without adding weight or increasing the shell size New, seamless, single-piece molded rubber bottom trim Faceshield is 5mm longer on either side, which with the corresponding 5mm wider eyeport of the helmet, provides the rider with an enhanced peripheral field of view, for greatly improved situational awareness of the surrounding environment The new SAI shield is shared with the Corsair V The brow vent airflow is now ducted to flow cool air across the temples, cooling the temporal arteries leading to the brain, then across the ears and out the sides cowls Along with the new I shield, a new I base plate design is used to further improve the shield system More aggressively shaped side exhaust cowls improve lateral stability at street speeds DDL-4 exhaust vent inspired by the CV AirWing®, with a bridged design tuned for the street, provides outstanding ventilation and Aero-dynamic stability on the street The SAI base plate is also shared with the Corsair V Dry Cool® liner has a new soft gray color as well as a new soft texture, making the new RX-Q even more comfortable Neckroll is removable and replaceable and has additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat, a feature shared with the Corsair V Cheek pads have the exclusive Emergency Release Tab feature, again a feature shared with the Corsair V New cheek pad design, combining new shape and combination of comfort foam densities that not only improve facial comfort, but overall helmet comfort as well Additional sound absorbing foam in the ear pocket helps reduce noise Meets or exceeds DOT standards

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