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ARAI XD-3 Solid Supermoto Helmet MOTARD BLACK XL

Buy ARAI XD-3 Solid Supermoto Helmet  MOTARD BLACK XL

We found a great deal on the ARAI XD-3 Solid Supermoto Helmet MOTARD BLACK XL for only $526.45 at Cycle Gear Direct.

The innovative Arai XD3 boasts a twin-cam Shield Pivot System, which allows the faceshield to be fully operable beneath a peak that can be lowered for better aerodynamics. This versatile helmet can be configured to use both the faceshield and peak, just the peak when you use goggles, or simply the shield. Features and Benefits High-flow peak is designed to channel air directly into front vents Twin-cam Shield Pivot System Fully removable, replaceable, and washable liner with optional sizes available to further customize the fit 4 top vents for Dual-Intake/Dual-Exhaust ventilation Double Delta bridged exhaust vents designed to draw significant volumes of air from interior Complex Laminate Construction (CLC) fiberglass-composite shell is strong and lightweight CLC allows use of softer, less-dense liner materials inside for increased rider comfort Efficient chin bar vent with interior and exterior controls to bring fresh air to mouth or across shield to prevent fogging Large side exhaust vents on chin bar for drawing out hot air Specifications Certifications: DOT; Snell Unless otherwise noted, helmet comes standard with clear faceshield. Warning:Peak/visor is not suitable for high-speed use.Air striking a side or main surface of the peak may cause difficulties in returning the head to a forward and/or level position.

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