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Corsair V Jolly Roger Helmet

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Arai Corsair V Jolly Roger Helmet The Corsair is Arai’s flagship model. An Arai helmet is not the product of compromise of a profit point or a board of directors. An Arai helmet is the product of obsession an ongoing obsession to design and build the best helmets possible. This year Arai took the Corsair V Replica helmets to a new level. With several new features you’ll see why the world’s best wear the Arai Corsair V Helmet. Arai’s exclusive adjustable new AirWing reg; is designed to greatly reduce drag turbulence and buffeting resulting in more comfort and additional top-speed. The new wider eyeport required a new wider faceshield. Called the Series I faceshield it is exclusive to the Corsair-V. The new shield fits even more flush against the shell than the previous Corsair’s. Newly equipped with ‘Air In Stabilizer’ an additional air intake between the front and rear intake in the diffuser and large toggles. The Air-In ports help accelerate air out the back increasing airflow without increasing the size of the holes in the shell. The biggest difference between the newest generation of Arai’s Hyper-Ridge feature and its predecessors sticks right out at you: Whereas the previous ridge curved in this one flares out. This results in a larger opening at the helmet’s bottom making the helmet easier to get on and off. Both cheek pads and the neck roll can be removed in seconds thanks to the advanced Emergency Release System. Rescue and medical workers can easily remove the newly designed removable neck roll and the cheek pads by just pulling the pad release tabs. This offers extra room within the helmet making removal of the helmet much easier and minimizing the risk of additional injury. The Corsair-V’s neckroll is now removable and replaceable and adds an additional exhaust vent through its bottom via shallow channels in the EPS liner adding yet another ventilation outlet for the removal of interior air. Arai Interior Shape Diagrams

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