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Vector Read Replica Helmet

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Arai Vector Read Replica Helmet New for this year the Vector is really a major renovation of the Astral Series introduced a few years ago. Think of a new and improved Astral with a removable liner! Its most striking features visually are the unique molded lines running front to back along the lower shell making the new Vector look different than other Arai helmets. The shell itself has Arais exclusive CLC Complex laminate construction that is both strong yet light in weight and Arais latest Organic Shell Shape designed to be both more natural looking and to enhance the helmets abliity to cut through the wind more cleanly thereby reducing buffeting and making it more still in turbulence than previous models. The slim sleek SAJ faceshield sidepods are the same ones used on the latest RX-7 Corsair model as is the new breathguard design that better directs fresh air to the inside surface of the shield while at the same time directing hot breath down and away from the inside surface of the shield . The Vector Series of helmets was born of Arais never-ending search for the best fit for the most riders. It represents Arais third distinctive fit package providing a fit not found in other Arai models. Is it the right one for you Try each one on – and when you find the Arai that cradles your head in a way youve never felt before youll know why Arai go to so much effort to enhance your riding experience. Arai Helmet Sizing Specifications Arai Interior Shape Diagrams

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