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Profile Yuki Takahashi Replica Helmet

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Arai Profile Yuki Takahashi Replica Helmet The Profiles unique look isnt for cosmetics. It has a distinct purpose rooted in the Arai companys philosophy and 50-year obsession with change for the sake of improvement not vanity. For example the Profiles distinctive Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band along the bottom of the outer shell is for reinforcement and added shell strength including the area around the lower rear exhaust vents. The overall helmet shape represents Arais newest organic shaping concept: narrower sleeker more aerodynamic instead of round and bulbous. Its purpose is to fit the riders head shape better to feel more calm in the wind even when the rider turns his or her head while riding. For all of our science and pursuit of perfect protection Arais mission is to make riders more comfortable and happy when theyre riding. To make them forget they are even wearing a helmet. Features: Removable washable one-piece liner LRS shield removal Ventilation-Exclusive Free-Flow System Ventilation-Exclusive Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation-Patented Dual-Pivot Chin Vent Arai Helmet Sizing Specifications Arai Interior Shape Diagrams

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