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Quantum II Boost Helmet

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We found a great deal on the Quantum II Boost Helmet for only $499.99 at Motorcycle Superstore.com.

Arai Quantum II Boost Helmet What makes one helmet brand truly different from another isn’t the paint or the features the price or the claims. What makes one helmet different from another is the caring and the experience of the people who build it and their pride in doing it right or not at all. We think our job well done helps make our quality unique. It makes an Arai an Arai. Features: Arai’s one piece EPS helmet liner absorbs and disperses impact energy The Q-2 fiberglass shell spreads impact energy over the widest area through strength structural integrity and impact flexibility Easy to operate dual pivot chin vent allows increased airflow capacity Hyper-ridge reinforcement band along the bottom of the shell adds reinforcement and strength Exceptional cooling throughout the helmet Note: Helmet does not come with tinted shield as shown. Clear shield is included.

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