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ARAI 2010 Profile Hot Rod Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet LG

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When you realize it’s time to retire a helmet as legendary as the Arai Signet, you’d better make very, very sure you have something extraordinary waiting in the wings. It’s called the Profile. The Arai Profile’s unique look isn’t just cosmetics. It has a distinct purpose rooted in the company philosophy and a 50-year obsession with change for the sake of improvement, not vanity. For example, the Profile’s distinctive Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band along the bottom of the outer shell adds strength, and the overall helmet shape represents Arai’s newest organic shaping concept: narrower, sleeker, more aerodynamic. Arai’s mission is to make riders more comfortable and happy when they’re riding – and make them forget they are even wearing a helmet. Features and Benefits Shape Long-oval fit Ventilation FreeFlow System (FFS) reduces wind turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air from the facial area Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System provides cooling air to the upper face area without making holes in the shell’s critical forehead area or in the impact-absorbing liner material Dual-Intake/Dual-Exhaust Ventilation with two TDF-2 top intake vents and DDL-3 bridged exhaust vents designed to draw a significant volume of air from helmet interior Rear exhaust channel and vent adds to racing look while removing hot air from inside Shell Constructed of Super Complex Laminate Construction (Super CLC), a material 40 times stronger than standard fiberglass in resistance to extension and bending Faceshield Optically correct, preformed faceshield offers UV protection and less distortion De-Mist Lock faceshield tab pushes forward to open the shield slightly, helping defog visor Interior Fully removable liner and cheekpads Removable breathguard reduces fogging by deflecting exhaled air away from faceshield Multi-foam interior for comfort Enhanced pulldown chin spoiler minimizes wind noise Specifications Certifications: DOT; Snell Interior Shapes guide Unless otherwise noted, helmet comes standard with clear faceshield.

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